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Pantheons and Cults


There are three major pantheons worshipped in Gompan.  The Bulgejo, or Star Lords, are the gods of the Hayanbol.  The Gajop, the Great Family, and the forces associated with them, are worshipped by the Gumjung.  The so-called Boat Gods, or Baeshin, are worshipped by the Ilbon.  The most commonly worshipped gods of each pantheon are briefly detailed here.





King of the Gods, Ruler of Stars, Universe


Mondam is pictured as an elderly, but handsome and hale, old man.  His eyes are completely black.


Skills: World Lore, Orate, Evaluate, Own Language

Divine Magic: Absorption, Command, Fear, Mindblast

Spirit Magic: Demoralize, Glamour, Mindspeech, Second Sight



Goddess of Rainfall


Dark-haired and pale-skinned, Areon is depicted in tales as good natured and giving.


Skills: Jump, Primary Weapon Attack, Primary Weapon Parry, Speak Own Language

Divine Magic: Bless Crops, Cloud Call, Command Sylph

Spirit Magic: Extinguish, Shimmer



God of the Underworld


Generally described as a youngish-looking man whose skin is rotting.


Skills: Primary Weapon Attack, Fast Talk, Conceal, Hide

Divine Magic: Command (ghost, wraith, mummy, headhanger, harpy), Create Ghost, Resurrect

Spirit Magic: Dispel Magic, Extinguish, Second Sight



God of the Sun


He is the brother of Dalnim, Goddess of the Moon.


Skills: Evaluate, First Aid, Search, Scan

Divine Magic: Command (eagle, hawk, salamander), Cloud Clear, Resurrect, Sunspear

Spirit Magic: Farsee, Light, Lightwall



Goddess of the Moon


She is the sister of Aenam, God of the Sun.


Skills: Dodge, Fast Talk, Sleight, Listen

Divine Magic: Command (fear spirit, madness spirit, pain spirit, bat), all Illusions, Madness, Mindblast

Spirit Magic: Befuddle, Glamour



Goddess of Springs and Rivers


Also associated in some cults with motherhood or rebirth.  Youthful, always shown pregnant.


Skills: Boat, Sleight, Swim, World Lore

Divine Magic: Command Naiad, Float, Reflection, Resurrect

Spirit Magic: Befuddle, Second Sight, Shimmer



God of Mountains


Heavy-bearded, broad-chested and powerful.  Always carries a cudgel.


Skills: Climb, Devise, Jump, Mineral Lore

Divine Magic: Absorption, Command (eagle, gnome, rock toad), Heal Body

Spirit Magic: Bludgeon, Endurance, Strength



Goddess of the Winds


Possessed of a voice at once seductive and destructive.


Skills: Jump, Listen, Own Language, Sing

Divine Magic: Command Sylph, Mindblast, Reflection, Shield

Spirit Magic: Extinguish, Mobility



God of the Sea and of Dragons


Temperamental elder.  Often depicted as a complainer.


Skills: Boat, Swim, Craft Wood, World Lore

Divine Magic: Breathe Air/Water, Command (undine, any specific sea creature), Float

Spirit Magic: Coordination, Protection, Strength



God of War


Brash youth.


Skills: Primary Weapon Attack, Primary Weapon Parry, Secondary Weapon Attack, Shield Parry

Divine Magic: Berserk, Shield, True (Weapon)

Spirit Magic: Bladesharp, Demoralize, Protection



Goddess of the Earth


Large elderly woman.  Always laughing.


Skills: Climb, Animal Lore, Mineral Lore, Plant Lore

Divine Magic: Absorption, Command (snake, bear, gnome, swine, dog), Heal Body, Restore Health (all except INT)

Spirit Magic: Healing, Second Sight, Strength





Sky King


A powerful, youthful man.


Skills: Human Lore, Orate, Own Language, Scan

Divine Magic: Absorption, Command (eagle, hawk), Reflection, Shield

Spirit Magic: Befuddle, Demoralize, Lightwall, Mobility



Bear goddess


Mother of Ahnlu.  A fierce protector and defeder.


Skills: Animal Lore, Grapple, Plant Lore, Swim

Divine Magic: Berserk, Command Bear, Fear

Spirit Magic: Ironhand, Strength, Vigor



Lord of clouds and mountains


Father of Ahnlu


Skills: Climb, Jump, Mineral Lore, Own Language

Divine Magic: Cloud Call, Cloud Clear, Thunderbolt

Spirit Magic: Farsee, Shimmer





A genderless entity, the essence of unlight.


Skills: Conceal, Hide, Listen, Sneak

Divine Magic: Absorption, Command (ghost, ghoul, shade, hyena), Fear, Restore Health (INT only)

Spirit Magic: Darkwall, Second Sight, Demoralize, Silence





Aloof and haughty.  More a force than anything else.


Skills: Craft (weaving), Evaluate, Own Language, World Lore

Divine Magic: Madness, Reflection, Resurrect

Spirit Magic: Repair, Second Sight




God of Lightning


Ruler of the pantheon, also associated with fire.  Often goes among men disguised as a simple peasant.


Skills: Evaluate, Human Lore, Orate, Own Language

Divine Magic: Cloud Call, Fear, Lightning, Thunderbolt

Spirit Magic: Demoralize, Ignite, Speedart





One of the more powerful malignant entities that bedevil the Baeshin, Adasho is known mostly for devouring unattended children.


Skills: Climb, Conceal, Primary Weapon Attack, Sneak

Divine Magic: Absorption, Mindblast, Reflection

Spirit Magic: Coordination, Darkwall, Mobility, Slow



Sun Goddess


Pictured as an ageless, radiant beauty.  Also associated with truth and clear judgement.


Skills: Evaluate, First Aid, Search, Scan

Divine Magic: Command (eagle, hawk, salamander), Cloud Clear, Resurrect, Sunspear

Spirit Magic: Farsee, Light, Lightwall



The Creator


Gesaji is a patron of builders and craftsmen.


Skills: Craft (wood, metal, stone), Devise, Evaluate, Mineral or Plant Lore

Divine Magic:

Spirit Magic:



The Creator


Sometimes presented as an aspect of Gesaji, at other times as his sister.  Patron of artists, poets and the like.



Divine Magic:

Spirit Magic:



Lady of Dreams


She holds sway over sleep, dreams and nightmares, and is connected to the moon.



Divine Magic:

Spirit Magic:



Goddess of Love and the Sea


A barefoot young lady whose home lies on the seafloor at the center of the world.



Divine Magic:

Spirit Magic:



War God


Expert with spear, blade and bow as well as a masterful tactician.



Divine Magic:

Spirit Magic:



God of Longevity


A fat, jolly man given to enjoying “the good things.”



Divine Magic:

Spirit Magic:



Patron of Travelers


A tall, elderly man dressed in ragged clothing and holding a stout walking stick, which he also uses as a formidable weapon.



Divine Magic:

Spirit Magic:



Goddess of Fertility, Grain


Youthful, perpetually pregnant.



Divine Magic:

Spirit Magic:

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