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Peoples of Gompan



Humanity in Gompan is split into three branches: the Hayanbol, the Gumjung, and the Ilbon.


The Hayanbol hail from the lands surrounding the central Aurelene Sea (off the western edge of the map).  They are dark-haired, very fair to ruddy skinned, and depicted as tall and rather delicate, though the Hayanbol as a whole evidence the full range of heights and body types; only the noble families really conform to the stereotype.  They form 90% of the population of Yosheon, and well over half that of the East March.


The Gumjung are so named for their distinctive, wiry black hair.  Native to the eastern and northeastern regions of the Aurelene basin, they are physically well-suited to the difficult terrain that predominates in Gompan: short, lithe and with skin of tan or light brown.  The city-states and feudal realms along the eastern Aurelene rim (Yoksun, Gonji, Yongil, Baelak, Agan, Karan Confederacy, Nanji, etc.) are primarily Gumjung, as are the numerous primitive hill and forest tribes scattered throughout the region.


Ilbon is the name given to men from the north.  They tend to be taller and more powerful than either the Hayanbol or Gumjung and are famed seafarers.  In the past 100 years, they have established colonies along the Northern Sea shores of Gompan.


There is some mixing between Hayanbol and Gumjung in and around the East March.  It is rare to find anyone of mixed Ilbon blood in the Aurelene Sea region, but there are some mixed blood people in Kunashir, a result of Ilbon raiders taking prisoners during raids into the south.



Spawned by evil spirits and demons, the Tokebi are malevolent goblins that haunt the many wild and unsettled areas of Gompan.  Living in caves and other dark places, they tend to be active after the sun has set, raiding travelers’ camps, villages, etc. for food and slaves.  Their painted faces, fierce fangs and cruel talons are the stuff of nightmares.



The term Goen refers to the “giant folk” that inhabit Gompan, which includes trolls.  To a one, they are primitive, fearsome and often cunning.



The Ohli, or drakes, are a race of humanoid ducks that reside in the marshes along the Ahn River estuary.  They have arms and hands in place of wings, and their coloration tends toward browns and greens (like a wood duck).  Of their origin, it is unknown whether they were animals gifted with human intelligence or humans who were cursed with animalistic features.

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