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The people of Gompan use a calendar consisting of twelve months, each with thirty days, and each day has 24 hours.  There is no concept of a "week" as such.  Each month is keyed to the cycle of Dahl, the moon; the first day of each month falls on a new moon:




The twelve months are:


  1. Uleom   (Ice)           Winter   Ice and snow, frigid temperatures
  2. Munon   (Snow)          Winter   Heavy, deep snow
  3. Honso   (Flood)         Spring   Snowmelt, cold rain, floods
  4. Goht    (Flowering)     Spring   Blossoming flowers
  5. Choluk  (Verdant)       Spring   Full greenery
  6. Pokun   (Steady Rain)   Summer   Warm days, rainy
  7. Seuga   (Swelter)       Summer   Hot, high humidity
  8. Eikun   (Harvest)       Autumn   Ripening crops
  9. Suhli   (Frost)         Autumn   Leaves turning, early frost
  10. Jaen    (Chill)         Autumn   Long, cold nights
  11. Paeda   (Barren Earth)  Autumn   Cold rain, barren ground
  12. Ulda    (Packed Earth)  Winter   Light snow, frozen ground


Common holidays include:


Holiday               Date       Events                                                    Foods                           

New Years’ Day        1 Uleom    Ancestral offerings, honor to elders, games (yut)         Rice cake soup and honey wafers

Greeting of the Moon  15 Uleom   Bonfires, kite flying, burning of talismans to ward off   Herbed rice, wine, sweets

                                   evil spirits

Servants’ Festival    1 Munson   Masters clean household, servants dine at master’s        Rice cakes


Swallows’ Return      3 Honso    Fortune-telling, wrestling                                Wine

Sowing Festival       7 Goht     Offerings to ancestors, repairs to household              Cold bean cakes and soup

Yunhan’s Birthday     8 Goht     Offerings and remembrances of the great sage, lighting    Rice cakes

                                   of lanterns

Spring Festival       5 Choluk   Song, dance, paintings/calligraphy given as gifts         Herbed cakes, fish soup

Water Greeting        15 Pokun   Ritual bathing                                            Noodles, dumplings

Rain Festival         7 Seuga    Weaving                                                   Rice and red beans

Yunhan’s Ascension    15 Seuga   Celebration and reverence for the great sage              Herbed rice cakes

Harvest Festival      14-16      Ancestor worship, wrestling, offering of first grains     Chestnut, sesame and bean cakes


Sparrows’ Leave-      9 Suhli    Poetry composition, contemplation of nature               Flowered pancakes, honeyed tea


Winter Solstice       22 Ulda    Rites to banish evil spirits                              Redbean soup, dumplings

New Years’ Eve        30 Ulda    Stay up all night, doors open to welcome ancestors        Rice, raw vegetables

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