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Maps and Geography


A map of Gompan.  Yellow areas are cultivated or lighty forested land.  Green is forested, brown is scrubland.  Stippling indicates hill areas.

The red overlay indicates mountainous terrain, while the white represents high mountains.  Each hex is 36 miles from side to side. 


Gompan is the name given to those lands bordering the northeastern shores of the Aurelene Sea, extending to the difficult Yulbaeng mountain range.  The soil here is rocky, and there are large expanses of scrubland, poorly suited for farming.  Much of the cultivated land in Gompan is given over to rice paddies, though more traditional wheat grains are grown in lowland areas.



Gompan’s climate is temperate, with short, hot and humid summers and long, cold and dry winters.  Rainfall is very high, and the summer months see 2-4 typhoons each year.  Droughts strike once every eight years on average.

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